Some Thoughts About Election Day

This is very encouraging — Sarah Palin’s Class of 2010. It’s a good reminder for those of us still surrounded by people who think that Progressives do anything other than further their own power that yesterday was a day of many victories.

Speaking of — Oregon? California? NEVADA? Have you people lost your minds? Or is it just that Progressive policies have so crippled your states by chasing actual business people away that you all have populations heavy on the moonbats? No one really pays attention to Oregon (California’s slightly-saner little sister), so I’ll say it: Do you honestly look to the south at a once-fabulous state that is now teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and say to yourself, “Mm-mm, gimme some of that!”?! And OR4! Peter DeFazio? AGAIN? This man hasn’t faced a real challenge in ages, and now when he does he whips out both barrels of the smear machine, and you elect him anyway?? This is the same man who spent about 17 hours last spring pretending he wouldn’t vote for ObamaCare so he could mug for the cameras a little bit!

“Go on, Pete, no one pays attention to Oregon; go pretend you don’t like it and grab some limelight.”

“But wouldn’t it be rude to lead my constituents on like that?”

“Please! Who else are they going to vote for?”

Of course, we know that the above exchange is fiction. The idea of Mr. DeFazio caring what his constituents thought is laughable.

Also, he seems to model his campaign signs after whatever the current Pepcid AC box looks like. Just sayin’.

And grats, Oregon, on re-electing Gov. Moonbeam Jr, a man who, after his last two terms, even The Oregonian said was a failure. Good grief.

The idiocy of vast portions of the Left Coast aside, though, yesterday was a huge step in the right direction. And it might sound weird, but I’m kinda glad we didn’t win the Senate. If we had won both, then Obama could easily blame all the failures of his agenda on the GOP Congress. With the Senate still in D control, this will be a bit more difficult.

The thing I think we all need to keep most in mind is that yesterday was not the war; it was simply a battle. It was an important battle, no doubt, and the results prove that those of us who wish to fundamentally restore our nation rather than transform it still have a fighting chance in all this. But yesterday was not the end of the heavy lifting; it was the beginning. Obama may, like all bullies, making conciliatory gestures to the new balance of power, but he will not move to the center. The Progressives will double down, and it’s going to get really bumpy. Things will have to get worse before they get better, which is why now more than ever we need that firm reliance on Divine Providence that Thomas Jefferson wrote about. But do not mistake that firm reliance for a piggyback ride. As the saying goes, work like it’s all up to you; pray like it’s all up to Him. If you don’t have a rep in Michele Bachmann’s new Constitutional Caucus, and your rep will not join, then adopt someone else’s. Make it a new hobby to write him or her — encourage, strengthen, admonish when necessary. Pray for them all. These people are walking into the lions’ den; make sure that they are well armed.

Now is the time to continue to educate ourselves and those around us, but also to prepare physically, mentally, spiritually, and materially for tough times; for they will come. But just as in the generations who came before us, we can face them down and emerge, perhaps a bit battered and bruised, but victorious.

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